Kenton Hoppas

I graduated from Purdue with a degree in Technical Graphics. That was a fancy way of saying that I could draw what the engineers designed. And I did... for one summer. 

Then I headed west to Arizona where I coached a plethora of 9-10 year olds at an aquatic club in Scottsdale. From there I made my way over to San Diego where I would spend the next few years finding my way in life. I worked in advertising, waited tables, counselor at a summer camp, and lived on a sailboat before starting my own same day bicycle courier business. And it was a wonderful 10 year adventure. They say all good things must end, and so this one did too.

Which was a blessing in disguise. For leaving a job doing what I loved more than anything, riding my bicycle, took me down a path to my next adventure. No, not kids, we had one of those back in 2008! Like all good ideas, this one came to me when by my wife. (She really does know what's best)

In 2015 I picked my pencil back up, got the bristol board back out and began telling my stories in graphic novel format. I also do some commercial illustration and of course am in love with and always exploring picture book illustration. 





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